An Introduction

Welcome, I am Sahadeva das, your host for this site.

My goal is to offer whatever help I can for the aspiring transcendentalist to understand and practice this topmost Yoga to achieve the goal of life. ​I am an initiated disciple of a bona fide and purely transcendental Spiritual Master and am passing on what I have received.

​All transcendental knowledge originates in the Spiritual World and descends into the material universes to rescue all conditioned souls.

"The blooming lotus flower rises out of the muddy water in which it grows, untouched by impurities. Similarly, through meditation upon transcendental sound, a person can live in this world and yet be untouched by the transitory anxieties, cares and concerns."

~ Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa


Welcome to Gopala Bhakti, which offers us the opportunity to engage our body, mind, and intelligence in the authorized process of Bhakti-Yoga, where our eternal existence of ever-expanding love and happiness can be realized and reinstated, leaving behind forever our material existence which only brings frustration, anxiety,and suffering.

The practical process of Bhakti-Yoga enables me to purify my consciousness from self- centeredness to God-centeredness by adding transcendental mantra meditation and other spiritual activities to my life. Even in my current life and body, I can enter the spiritual dimension and know God. My existence and identity of eternality, absolute knowledge, and limitless Ananda or spiritual happiness belongs in the world of the same qualities in which expression of loving service to the All-Attractive Supreme Person eternally takes place. That world exists far beyond this material universe. That world is called Vaikuntha, which means freedom from anxiety.

As an embodied eternal person, my every attempt at capturing some happiness within the material or temporary dimension will be defeated and end in suffering. We all share a common fate: repeated incarnations of birth, disease, old age, and death. Why? Because I embrace the false identity that is this body and mind, and everything related to it, as being who I am. This is a temporary situation which ends at death, where everything is forgotten, and then I embark on the next cycle of birth, disease, old age and death. If I reflect on this reality, it is not very welcoming and certainly not very inviting for me, an imprisoned visitor from the eternally perfect spiritual world. Alternatively, when I escape from the predicament of being imprisoned in a material machine made of matter (my material body, mind, and intelligence), I can then know myself, my original eternal form, because I am no longer bound or covered by the false illusion or false ego that I am this material body and the material world is my home.

My actual home and existence, now forgotten, is within Vaikuntha, where there is no death or the cruel effects of time which destroys everything. In Vaikuntha, every relationship is perfect, every moment is full of eternally increasing spiritual happiness springing from the perfection of love. This most wonderful spiritual dimension completely satisfies all eternal residents who are engaged in serving the All-Attractive Supreme Person in unlimited, blissful pastimes.

The dark, material dimension of birth, disease, old age, and death abounds with greed, anger, lust, envy, selfishness, lamentation, and ignorance. In this region, embodied and illusioned, I will never taste happiness although I am driven to endlessly search for it, life after life. Hopelessly and helplessly, I am searching after water in the insurmountable desert wasteland of the material world, a place where water does not exist. Understanding that this world is the perverted reflection of that which is real, I can then keep sight of the goal to return to my original home.

How much of my life is spent simply struggling to survive, swamped with obligations and responsibilities, plagued by worries and anxiety, lamenting, and overcome by that which I cannot control?

Drowning in the vast whirlpool of birth, disease, old age, and death, I am offered the opportunity to climb aboard the invincible lifeboat of Bhakti-Yoga and be safely navigated beyond the vast ocean of material life to the shores of my eternal home.

There, I am placed in my original loving relationship with Krishna and my eternal associates, immersed in unimaginable loving exchanges orchestrated by All-Attractive Krishna, the center of all attention and love.


Life is meant for self-realization and ending the cycle of birth and death
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By this descending process only, I return to my original position as the loving eternal associate of the Supreme Person.
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The purpose for creation of the material dimension is to allow freedom of choice to the eternal living being to live apart from God outside of His kingdom if he so desires.
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Karmic reaction forms the web of material life, trapping and controlling me eternally, as I transmigrate from body to body.
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The path or process of Bhakti yoga is completely transcendental. It descends into the universe and releases the sincere follower from all material misconceptions and influence.
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Maya is the agent and servant of the Supreme Person and she has jurisdiction over the entire material creation to spin a web of deception and illusion on a universal scale.
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Bhakti Yoga is easily performed by the sincere and determined seeker of the Truth and ultimately transports one in their original spiritual identity to the perfect and eternal spiritual world of ever-increasing loving relationships.
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Serving God without any tinge of lust transports me to His world. In His world, every living being is enjoying an unending and perfect loving relationship with the Supreme All-attractive Personality.
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Love is perfect, love is eternal, and pure love is the natural condition of the eternal living being.
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In the spiritual world, I experience unlimited, ever-increasing intense loving emotions within the exceptionally newer and fresher exchanges of love with the Supreme All-attractive Person.
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The cure which makes me immune to the three modes of material nature is the process of devotional service which purifies my heart and consciousness.
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All activities formed by material conditioning can be purified by the process of Bhakti yoga and changed into spiritual activities.
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Who is the self in “my self”?
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Life in the material dimension is just a never-ending sleep full of good and bad dreams.
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The most direct and powerful form of dharma within the material world is the beginning stage of Bhakti yoga called Sadhana Bhakti.
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How Did I Get Here?

I am a spiritual being and I will never, ever, be happy within the material world where everything ends in destruction and death. In the material world, I am out of my element, like a fish out of water.
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Immunity From Birth And Death

Spiritual emancipation begins with self-realization: Who am I? Why do I exist? What is my purpose?
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Servant and Master

When I hear that I am the eternal servant of God, I apply what little I know of the reality of servant and master in this world, and it doesn’t feel like something I want to be a part of.
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What Is A Conditioned Living Being?

“I am this material body” is the first lie covering the living being’s awareness or consciousness as he descends into the material universe. This lie is referred to as false ego and makes it possible for the living being to repeatedly cycle through the wheel of birth and death because material life seems to be the purpose of existence.
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Does God Exist?

The name Krishna means All-attractive. He is the Original, Supreme, Unlimited, All-attractive Person. This Supreme Person, the source of all material and spiritual worlds and everything within them, the creator of all living beings, is the original personality and all qualities, personality traits, and all energies emanate from Him.
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