September 29, 2020

In the spiritual world, I experience unlimited, ever-increasing intense loving emotions within the exceptionally newer and fresher exchanges of love with the Supreme All-attractive Person.


What is my reaction and what do I think when someone asks me, who is God? Is my response similar when asked who is Vladimir Putin, or Madonna, or Ronaldo, or some other famous person? In other words, would I answer with some information that I have picked up in my life about them even though I really do not know the person?

We do the same thing with God. For most, He is very distant, like a distant cousin I have never met. To some, He is a mean, scary guy who enjoys sending people to hell. To others, He is not a person, He is the Almighty God or the All Compassionate One or The Mysterious God.

There is only one God or Supreme Person and He relates to me in the same way I want to relate to Him.

If I am an atheist, then my relationship with God is that he does not exist. If I belong to a religion, then I relate to God and His Name according to what that religion teaches me. If I believe that God is the impersonal cosmic force, then I relate to him in that way.

I have developed some sort of relationship with everyone I personally know by meeting them, speaking with them, thinking about them, doing things with them, etc., which involves an effort on my part and reciprocation from them. I can call them by name. I know their personality, their character, I have a different relationship with each one. The relationship may be friend, boss, son, mother, formal or informal, husband, girlfriend.

God is a person with whom I can enjoy the most loving and fun relationship, by personally being in his presence without any fear.

God is the ultimate best friend, the most fun, the funniest, the Supreme Loving Person, the most Lovable, the Father of all, the best well-wisher, the easiest to relate to, the most forgiving, the most intelligent, the wealthiest, the most beautiful, the most powerful, the most creative, the kindest, etc., etc., etc.

He is the Original, Supreme, Unlimited, All-attractive Person. The name Krishna means All-attractive. This Supreme Person, the source of all material and spiritual worlds and everything within them, the creator of all living beings, is the original personality and all qualities, personality traits, and all energies emanate from Him.

Far, far, beyond this world, far, far, beyond this material universe, exists the unlimited, eternal home of the Supreme, All-attractive Personality, Krishna.

Within this most wonderful place, free from time, free from envy, and free from any imperfection, the eternal loving associates of Krishna serve Him in limitless varieties of pastimes full of beauty and exchanges of the sweetness of spiritual love.

The material world we live in is the temporary dark shadow of the unimaginable, bright spiritual dimension of all-satisfying loving relationships. Living in this dark place, we do not see Krishna who always desires to have us return home.

If I want to go from intense darkness into intense light, I must prepare. If I want to know and love the Supreme All-attractive Person, I must sincerely and humbly ask Him for help, and He will respond and lead me home.

This material world is the world of duality in contrast with the oneness of the absolute realm. The composition of the world of duality is matter and spirit, whereas the absolute world is spirit only.

In the dual world everyone is falsely trying to become the master of the world, whereas in the absolute world the Lord is the Absolute Lord and all others are His absolute servitors. In the world of duality everyone is envious of all others, and death is inevitable due to the dual existence of matter and spirit.

The Supreme Spirit (Krishna) is the source of completely satisfying activities or pastimes which give ever-increasing happiness to those who love Him and live with Him in his eternal and transcendental abode. Inhabiting His transcendental home are eternal living beings who each have their individual loving relationship with Him and eternally are personally enjoying with Him.

Those unfortunate living beings caught in the material dimension are transmigrating from body to body, having forgotten their loving relationship with the Supreme All-attractive Person, and have accepted the world of embodiment and duality as their home.

The Supreme Person desires that these lost children and eternal associates give up their suffering position of accepting material bodies and return home to enjoy ever increasing happiness in His world of perfect loving relationships where suffering does not exist.

As a living being, I have limited independence. I can choose to exist in the material or spiritual world. In the material world of duality, death is present because all living beings who exist there must live within a temporary material body which always succumbs to death.

In the spiritual world, all living beings exist eternally, there is no death because everyone and everything is non-dual spiritual form. Each living being is his form, each form is unique with perfect individuality, personality, and characteristics, made of eternity, knowledge, and spiritual bliss. The function or life of everyone there is loving service to the Supreme Person in unlimited varieties of personal exchanges of love with Him.

Considering all the relationships I have had in my current lifetime. How many times did I experience complete satisfaction, full happiness, and total fulfillment in friendship and love? How long did it last?

How many times did I experience loneliness, anger, frustration, jealousy, envy, disappointment, embarrassment, rejection, boredom, or other unpleasant feelings in my dealings with others? How much time passed feeling this way?

I have experienced a variety of relationships in my life and these relationships, no matter how good they are, always end. They are imperfect.  Real relationships are eternal between perfect eternal living beings. I am an eternal living being trapped within my body and falsely create temporary relationships, trying to hold on to love, friendship, and happiness. These relationships fail and are over at the time of death.

If I realize that I am eternal and exist without the material body, then I can begin to learn how to develop eternal relationships with other eternal beings and with the All-perfect, All-attractive Supreme Person. These relationships never end and are complete and perfect.

In the spiritual world, I experience unlimited, ever-increasing intense loving emotions within the exceptionally newer and fresher exchanges of love with the Supreme All-attractive Person. There, the only thought is of Krishna, of pleasing Him, of seeing Him, of serving Him, of bringing pleasure to Him, of playing with Him, of hearing His words, of loving Him.

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