September 29, 2020

Maya is the agent and servant of the Supreme Person and she has jurisdiction over the entire material creation to spin a web of deception and illusion on a universal scale.


Who is Maya, and what is her purpose?

Maya is the agent and servant of the Supreme Person and she has jurisdiction over the entire material creation to spin a web of deception and illusion on a universal scale.

She covers the intelligence of all living beings existing within the material universes. Her purpose is to lock all embodied beings in the illusion that the material world is their home, that they are their material body, and that happiness is fulfilled in this temporary world.

Maya is the ultimate deceiver and betrayer of the living entity and easily performs her duty with no one able to break her illusions on their own.

She is infinitely more gifted than the greatest movie maker or magician, who are mundane illusionists of this world. Maya feeds everyone their own personal illusion called life, a struggle in which all endeavors end in defeat.

Her primary goal is to condition living beings by covering their spiritual knowledge and replacing it with material ignorance. No amount of material intelligence can defeat the illusory energy.

She expands the illusion that “I am this body” to include everything labeled as I, me, mine, and everything one claims as the owner, master, controller, etc.

I am an eternal living being and believing that I am a temporary material body is another illusion. This false identification with a material body keeps me within the temporary universe and away from the eternal spiritual world, my original and eternal home.

When I believe this illusory misunderstanding, I travel through countless births and deaths. The false idea that I die, directly contradicts the truth that I am an eternal living being. This powerful illusion puts me in fear of death and dying. Every material body dies and I see that everything dies but I do not see the living being leaving the body at death.

ReincarnatIon is next and the illusion begins again: I am this material body, the lord, the owner and controller, I can be happy here, I can satisfy my senses and mind and achieve the goal of life.

Material fulfillment as the goal is the illusion. I can never find satisfaction or happiness within the material universe. Maya is cheating me, beating me, and leaving me abandoned. This is the game I keep playing and losing every lifetime.

Why am I in the temporary illusory world and dominated by illusion?

Because I have free will, I can decide to no longer serve the Supreme Lord in a loving relationship in His eternal spiritual world. I make this choice because I have become envious of Him as the Supreme Enjoyer.

As a result of my decision, I immediately become dominated by Maya, stripped of all spiritual knowledge, covered by illusory ignorance, and thrown into the temporary material dimension.

Here, in this temporary place, I can act out my fantasy that I can be the enjoyer, the controller, the owner of all I see. In other words, I want to be the supreme.

Two problems arise from this false desire:

1) There is only one Supreme Enjoyer

2) I am now competing with innumerable other envious beings who also believe that they are the enjoyer, the dominator, the lord of all they survey.

Maya keeps churning the ocean of material existence to keep me struggling in the false position I have chosen. Constantly placing the promise of fulfillment, satisfaction, and happiness before me, she expertly entices me to attempt to satisfy my material senses with all the glitter of the material world.

Endless birth and death, endless temporary relationships, endless sights, endless music, endless tastes, endless knowledge, endless thoughts and plans of the mind, endless excitements and enjoyments, all are a concert of chewing the chewed, orchestrated by Maya. And I believe I am happy, drowning in this whirlpool of unfulfillment.

Maya as the greatest illusionist, is the most devious, the most insidious, the cleverest, the most underhanded, and the trickiest. She dominates all living beings in the material dimension. She is the pure servant of the Supreme Lord and is given all power and energy to keep the living being dominated by illusion.

After millions of lifetimes of futile attempts, I wake up to the fact that my real home and existence is not in the temporary dimension of illusory experiences. I then inquire into the absolute truth. Maya has accomplished her task to rehabilitate me.

If I am fortunate and embrace the transcendental process of Bhakti yoga, the Supreme Lord calls off Maya.  The illusion of temporary life and bodily identification gradually fades away, replaced by transcendental knowledge. This leads me back home to the spiritual world, never to return to this temporary foster home.

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