September 29, 2020

The path or process of Bhakti yoga is completely transcendental. It descends into the universe and releases the sincere follower from all material misconceptions and influence.


Every person dreads emptiness, fear, loneliness, frustration, anger, envy, sickness, injury, loss, and a host of other suffering conditions forced upon them within the material dimension. No sane person desires these.

The embodied being is cheated when he accepts temporary relief from these suffering conditions as happiness. Actual happiness for the eternal living being is a spiritual quality and experience in relation with the Supreme Person. It is not a component of the material universe.

Burned out by suffering life after life, one may seek enlightenment in either the personal or the impersonal path of realization.

Too many so-called religious or spiritual processes in the world today are veiled impersonalism. They pose as genuine means to realize the absolute truth but simply cheat the living entity with false promises. They do not deliver anyone from the material dimension but simply increase involvement in the dreamland of material life.

Perfection of personal transcendental realization returns one to his original home in the spiritual realm. Impersonal realization grants a temporary destination on the outskirts of the spiritual dimension.

The impersonalist’s success culminates by escaping the material gross and subtle body and merging into the all-pervading bodily effulgence of the Supreme Person. This effulgence or brahmajyoti is described to be more dazzling than millions of suns. The impersonal transcendentalist cannot see beyond this all-pervading effulgence.

Absorbed into this formless ocean of “white light”, the living being attains liberation from all conceptions of material or spiritual individuality and forms. Completely purified of all karmic reaction and material desires, he exists as one with the pure spiritual energy of Brahman.

In this pure state, free from material and spiritual form, the spiritual spark experiences eternity and “I am the Supreme Spirit”. In this condition of impersonal transcendental existence, one falsely experiences that this is the ultimate absolute truth.

The living being’s composition is eternity, knowledge, and bliss. The brahmajyoti’s composition is eternity and knowledge which cannot satisfy the living being.

This achievement of impersonal liberation terminates because the eternal living being is active by nature. This desire to act forces one back into the material dimension and into a material body.

The impersonalist who achieves the extremely rare condition of liberation from the material dimension, always ends up back where he started from. It is not a permanent solution to the suffering endured by the embodied soul.

Impersonal Brahman realization never satisfies the eternal living being because the living being by nature is an individual personality. He requires a personal spiritual relationship with the Supreme Person to experience Ananda or spiritual happiness.

The path of impersonal spiritual realization negates the existence of the Supreme Absolute Truth Who always exists as the Supreme Person. It is a very troublesome path and is most offensive to the Supreme Person. It is a self-centered endeavor.

In the past, many powerful impersonalists have overcome their impersonal realization by receiving the mercy of transcendentalists who know, love, and serve the Supreme Person. Enlightened by these pure devotees, the impersonalists also became devotees of the Supreme Person. In other words, they achieved the perfection of life, far beyond the temporary merged condition of Brahman realization.

The path of personal spiritual realization (Bhakti yoga), reveals that all living beings are eternally related to God as His loving servants and are meant to exist with Him in His spiritual dimension.

This path results in one becoming aware of his spiritual body or form composed of eternity, knowledge and bliss. In that form one resides in a spiritual planet eternally enjoying loving relationships with the Supreme Lord and His associates.

The path of Bhakti yoga transports the sincere seeker of Truth to the Absolute spiritual realm of eternal forms and variety. It is the most direct and powerful yoga process and descends from the spiritual dimension. It gradually releases one from the terrible web of karmic reaction, the destroying time factor, and the helplessness of repeated birth and death.

Material energy cannot enter the transcendental realm, but transcendence can enter the material dimension. The path or process of Bhakti yoga is completely transcendental. It descends into the universe and releases the sincere follower from all material misconceptions and influence. The only qualification required for success is sincerity.

This personal path of spiritual realization is the pure love and mercy of the Supreme Lord descending from the spiritual dimension and appearing before those who desire His association.

Achievement of the goal of life returns the eternal living being back home to the spiritual world of spiritual forms and variety. In this most wonderful dimension, the living being eternally exists in a perfect, ever-increasing loving relationship with the Supreme Person.

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