September 29, 2020

Serving God without any tinge of lust transports me to His world. In His world, every living being is enjoying an unending and perfect loving relationship with the Supreme All-attractive Personality.


The word servant is not very appealing to most of us. What comes to mind is a low position requiring a certain amount of humility to take orders from someone else, the master. Throughout history there have been servants and slaves. Because of the nature of the material world, most masters have not been persons I would be happy serving.

When I hear that I am the eternal servant of god, I apply what little I know of the reality  of servant and master in this world, and it doesn’t feel like something I want to be a part of.

We are all servants whether we admit it or not. The wife serves the husband and the husband serves the wife, friends serve each other, the factory worker serves the boss, the politician serves the voters, the enlisted soldier serves those of higher rank.

This type of material service is based on lust, in other words, what reward do I get out of this relationship? The master feels that he is not given enough service, the servant gets fired. The servant feels his compensation is inadequate for his service, he quits. The husband believes his needs are not being met, he divorces the wife. The wife feels neglected by the husband; she gets a new one.

Service between servant and master is rarely based on love within the material world. It is a business proposition, this for that. All dealings within the material world are between the cheaters and the cheated.

I can make you happy, I will protect you, I love you, are all expressions of this cheating propensity residing within everyone fueled by lust. Can I protect anyone from birth, disease, old age, or death?

I am trapped in the dilemma of lust. It is my master who I serve blindly and who always cheats me. My senses and my mind are saturated with this lust. I am dragged by them into endless schemes for satisfaction with the same outcome of unfulfillment and craving for more.

My material conditioning by the material illusory energy, keeps me in the consciousness that I am the master and that everything and everyone is meant for my control and my enjoyment. But I still end up serving this illusory energy by serving my senses, my mind, and other living beings

Persons in service positions sometimes have experiences that seem to go beyond the job itself. They may experience genuinely serving someone and feel very uplifted because the service was selfless on their part.

Doctors, nurses, military, law enforcement, paramedics, social workers, often begin their careers with a real desire to serve others. The propensity to serve is the natural eternal function of everyone. But in the temporary material world, It is diluted and perverted by the forces of lust and other material coverings.

Pure service to others is only possible when I am purely serving the Supreme Master in spiritual love which is completely free from lust. This loving relationship is already established within my heart although it is covered by material conditioning in the form of lust, anger, greed, selfishness, illusion, etc.

The Supreme Person is always in the position of Master. I am eternally in the position of His servant. Pure spiritual service is of a completely different quality than “service” enacted within the material world. It always results in complete satisfaction and happiness; it gives the greatest reward, except no reward is ever expected or desired.

All service to the Supreme Lord by the pure servant is an act of selfless love. That love overflows in reciprocation by the Supreme Lord. Selfless service within this world is a reflected taste of that love experienced within the heart. We are all searching for and craving that love.

The quickest route to be reestablished eternally in pure loving service appears within this world as Bhakti yoga, the greatest gift given by the Supreme Lord. The gift of Bhakti yoga can only be received through the pure servant of the Supreme Lord. He is the shore of the ocean of loving service and swims in that ocean himself.

Serving God without any tinge of lust transports me to His world. In His world, every living being is enjoying an unending and perfect loving relationship with the Supreme All-attractive Personality.

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