September 29, 2020

The cure which makes me immune to the three modes of material nature is the process of devotional service which purifies my heart and consciousness.


“Material nature consists of the three modes – goodness, passion, and ignorance. When the living entity comes in contact with nature, he becomes conditioned by these modes”. BG. 14.5

Due to association with the three modes of material nature, I, the eternal living being, have become entangled within the material dimension. Forgetting who I am, I eternally search for something that does not exist within the universe.

Every living being within the universe acts, forced by the influence and control of the modes of material nature. According to past activities and desires the living being receives different bodies created by the material nature.

The Supreme Lord is the source of material nature and the complete material manifestation.

I am influenced to act by material nature like the moon influences the tides of the ocean, the ocean having no power to resist the moon's pull. I have no power to resist the might of the modes of nature acting on me and pulling me in one direction or another. Material nature forces me to act in a certain way.

Dragged along for the ride, I falsely think that I am in control. My life is on autopilot, programmed by my destiny and manifested by material nature.

A prisoner within a cell has the freedom to sit on his bed or not, he can move from one wall to the other, he can decide to do different activities within the cell but he doesn't have freedom to do anything he wants to outside of the cell. He is forced to act within the confines of the cell.

I am confined within a material body, and the cell and walls of my confinement are the three modes of material nature.

In the Mode of Ignorance, my cell is dark, the air is stale and dank, the cell is small and cramped, dirty and grimy. I accept stale, rotten food, I crave intoxicants, I smoke, and I simply want to sleep and dream, I am despondent, lazy and mad. I am homeless.

In the Mode of Passion, my cell is a mansion, I am famous, wealthy, arrogant, proud, lusty, my goals and desires are endless, my food is animal flesh and pungent, spicy, dishes, enjoyed with wine and liquors. Driven to satisfy all my senses with unlimited goals, I am never satisfied and always agitated.

In the Mode of Goodness, my cell is a beach house, clean, light, airy, stocked with fresh fruit, vegetables, grains, milk products, my interests are illuminating, I am intelligent, I feel I am superior, and I am conditioned by happiness.

Within the material world, I am an embodied being who accepts an infinite variety of situations offered by the material modes. I become completely conditioned by them, unable to remember my true eternal nature.

The mode of goodness causes one to become mostly free from sinful activities and is the most conducive mode to understand spiritual truth. Conditioning by the mode of goodness results in greater wisdom and intelligence, a greater sense of happiness, and a minimum of material miseries. One is happy and believes life is pleasant. When one dies in the mode of goodness, the reward is temporary promotion to a higher heavenly planet where everyone is in the mode of goodness. The mode of goodness is the purest form of existence in the material world.

When I am in the grip of the mode of passion, my desires are intense and unlimited. I am always defeated in finding satisfaction and I suffer so many miseries along the way. The mode of passion makes me believe I will find happiness in my endeavors and attachments, but the reward of happiness remains always out of reach. My frustrations and anxieties are always increasing as I seek to fulfill more and more desires. A person who dies in the mode of passion takes birth again in the human form to continue the struggle for fruitive results.

A person controlled by the mode of ignorance develops foolishness, madness. laziness, and illusion. We can see the effects of the mode of ignorance in a "loser". Nothing goes his way, he takes shelter in drinking or drugs, his decisions are mistakes, he chases dreams but never makes any progress, he does not know what to do, and he ends up homeless, unclean and crazy. This is an extreme example. Others influenced by the mode of ignorance are still functioning in the lower levels of society in a consciousness of laziness, dreaming, intoxication, and anger. In their next life, a human in the mode of ignorance takes birth in a species lower than the human species, such as animal or plant.

The Supreme Lord creates the three modes of nature to provide the conditioned living being a choice of unlimited situations and resulting actions to fulfill the primary desire: "I want to be the lord and controller" within the material dimension.

The three modes trick me into believing that I choose to live my life in a certain way. They manipulate me to have certain desires according to the mode or combination of modes acting on me.

When I engage in an activity, that activity is the unseen power of material nature forcing me to act in that way. I fully believe I am determining my success and failure, but I have been set up every time by the superior force of the three modes to make decisions and accept the results. I am not in control.

The goal of life is to transcend material nature and to enter the eternal spiritual position of pure loving service to the Supreme Lord in His abode, the spiritual world.

The cure which makes me immune to the three modes of material nature is the process of devotional service which purifies my heart and consciousness. By this process, my consciousness becomes fully spiritual, free from all material influence and defects. This transcendental spiritual condition is perfect spiritual goodness.

When the embodied being is able to transcend these three modes, he can become free from birth, death, old age and their distresses and can enjoy nectar even in this life. Bg. 14.20

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